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At 9:51 AM -0700 8/19/97, William H. Geiger III wrote:

>Well the field of Psychology is second only Chiropracticy for quacks.
>They are filled with wantabe scientist who could not hack it in a real
>scientific field.

Actually, you are being too kind here to Chiropractic.

Yes, "Chiropractic." Not "Chiropracticy" or anything like that. They call
their field "chiropractic."

Sort of like electronics folks saying "I specialize in Electronic." Or
psychiatrists saying "I'm into Psychiatric."

Chiropractic _what_?

But beware the siren song of weeding out quacks. My local community floated
a proposal to license and regulate psychics, palm readers, fortune tellers,
etc., until wiser heads prevailed, pointing out the essential idiocy of
this. Not to mention the First Amendment issues, even if money is changing
hands (which of course happens in nearly all churches, so money exchange is
not a license to interfere in religious practices).

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