Status of Cypherpunks list sites?

Tim May tcmay at
Tue Aug 19 13:59:15 PDT 1997

I've noticed that the list site name, "cypherpunks at", is still in
use by many posters. I find it on most of the posts I reply to, and I have
to manually change to one of the three current lists.

Not too long ago I was subscribed to the "cypherpunks at" address,
and the list stopped flowing to me for a day or so. I resubbed under
"cypherpunks at" I noticed that Igor Chudov said he was taking
a hiatus from the Net and lists, so I wondered if this meant his support
for his site was either being dropped or might be subject to more frequent

Anyway, has anybody been doing any pings of the various lists to see which
ones are  most available and have the lowest latencies for redistribution
to subscribers?

And shouldn't we all be making a more serious effort to drop the use of the
"cypherpunks at" address, as John said some months back that he would
support forwarding stuff for a while, but not necessarily forever. As it
is, it just adds another hop and another potential weak link.

--Tim May

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