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Ray Arachelian sunder at
Tue Aug 19 11:50:55 PDT 1997

On Tue, 19 Aug 1997 stewarts at wrote:

> Eudora would be an interesting platform if you could convince the
> plug-in to run along with your spam filters and the PGP plug-in
> and have everything done in the right order.  You'd also have the problem
> of putting the right headers on the message - it's nicer if it
> can get a different From: header for remailer mail than for real mail,
> so people who don't like remailer mail can flame you accurately :-)

If I recall correctly, Eudora uses standard mailbox format just like Pine,
Elm and other unix like mailers, so it is possible to write a filter
program that would go through the mailbox file and do stuff for you, such
as stripping away headers.

Here's a question for those that use Eudora: is there a way to have Eudora
run stuff for you on incoming mail?  That is when it goes out and connects
to the POP3 server and downloads the mail, can it launch another
application to munge the new inbox?  

If so, it should be easy enough to take the incoming mail and process it -
say using perl, VB or whatever, and you can probably just append stuff to
the outbox. (Other question, can Eudora be told to send outgoing mail at
certain hours?  If not, you'll have to have the program telnet out for you
to port 25 of the SMTP...)

I've done similar things in Perl (not using Eudora) for the bots that run
my filtered cypherpunks list.  One bot scrounges through my mailbox
looking for admin requests, another sends filtered mail out when enough
has queued up. 

Would be trivial enough to turn them into a remailer by glueing PGP to the
mix.  :) 

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