Cypherpunks as a Terrorist Organization

Trevor Goodchild trevorg at
Tue Aug 19 09:27:33 PDT 1997

On Mon, 18 Aug 1997, Tim May wrote:
> First, the rise of search engines, archives, and employers routinely
> running DejaNews and other search engine checks on potential employees
> consultants to see what sorts of folks they are. (Whether being active
> the Cypherpunks list will nix a job is pretty unlikely, but it's still a
> worry to some.)
Hey Tim, speaking of DejaNews, how soon do you think it will be before
there is a Ministry of Truth (minitru) in place to correct incorrect
postings of the past, to update them a bit and airbrush out those who, um,  
never existed?
> of sorts. But many have been investigated, and, as John Young noted
> recently, the IRS treats membership in certain organizations as a
> And there is Clinton's Anti-Terrorism Act, which explicitly makes
> kinds of financial and other activities illegal, even by Americans,
> involve support of "terrorist" organizations. It is not inconceivable
> following outlawing of strong crypto in various countries, that the     
> Cypherpunks group gets classified as an organization or group which
> supports terrorist goals, which is almost certainly true.)
No bigger a threat than the HUAC saw those who didn't believe the Hoover
vision.  Nothing's really changed since then other than the faces and the  
names.  The issues remain.
> Fourth, the arrest and prosecution of Jim Bell, with tax evasion and a
> minor stink bomb case turned into a "federal case" because of his
> controversial views. This has obviously angered and radicalized many.
> of us have stocked up on more asault weapons and shotguns, placed alarms
> around our property, and we are expecting a "raid." As I have said, if  
> black-clad ninja raiders try to hit me, I'll assume they're "home
> and will open fire. (A Sheriff's Deputy once told me that even saying I 
> would defend my home against unwelcome intruders constituted a "threat"
> that he might order a detachment to visit my compound. So far, two years
> later, he hasn't made good on _his_ threat. And now I'm more ready for
> than ever.)
A theat to him perhaps.  What ever happened to self defense I wonder?     
> So, "B.," stop apologizing for reading the list. You're already a marked
> man in their eyes...and search engines can already identify the True
> who is posting the last year or two as "Zooko Journeyman." In a couple
> years, all search engines will have "known aliases" macros to
> ferret out the web of pseudonyms linkable to a poster. You can run, but
> can't hide.
Not unless he joins the book people in the woods. :)
> And "democracy" is spinning out of control, being used by authoritarians
> convert the world into a security state. Restrictions on travel, new
> laws, laws against images and words on the Net, and thousands of new
> every years.
Congress was indeed a horrid idea.  We need no laws other that "do what
you will as long as you don't physically injure, or steal."  All else is
congressional bullshit paid in bloody tax money.
> A frontal assault, using strong crypto to aid in the attacks by freedom 
> fighters and to destablize authority, makes more sense. When a
> official decrees that citizen-units may no longer do certain things
> were once quite legal and quite common (such as owning a gun for
> that official must expect certain repercussions.
A few years back when the anti-gun crap started in NYC, they had all sorts
of save the kids propaganda stories and projects: such as trade your gun
for a toy, and stories like 8 year old shot dead by drug deal for
threatening to use water pistol.
> We're in a state of war with the statists and tyrants. It's what
> and the other Founders expected to happen, and now the watering with the   
> blood of patriots and tyrants is happening.
Some war.  We've already lost.  The Big Brother machine is already in
place and has been since Hoover.  Jim Bell was arrested for thinking
differently than is allowed.  No different than being declared insane and
sent to the Gulag for "re-education" for disagreement with the party, the  
glorious party.  Not having lived in communist or fascist countries, the
sheeple are asleep.
My parents having left a socialist state (read fascist) for freedom, I
find freedom fleeting.  The same scum that ran the communist block are
here running our country.  Sure they were born here, but their spirit and 
beliefs are the same as the scum that were in power in the old country.   
How much money are we to bleed to them in taxes (read plural, as in
income, realestate, hotel, parking, gas and electric, telephone, taxes on
tax returns, etc.)?  How soon before breathing taxes? Fucking Taxes?
Living Taxes?  Speaking Taxes?  Let's not pretend.  We work for them.
It's mandatory work.  Our work pays their goals.  Doesn't matter if you
work for Mickey D's or Mickey Soft.  You pay Big Uncle.  You work for Big
Uncle's benefit.  It's not enough to fear Big Uncle.  You must love big   
uncle.  One may not even hold anti-government views for fear of being in
contempt of court and be judged against.
> It's what the Founders expected.  Get used to it.
How soon before they stop teaching highschool kids about the revolution
for fear it will happen again?  How soon before they edit the constitution
and pretend it was always that way?  How soon before we'll need passports
to travel between one part of the country and another?  Between one 'burb
to another?

How soon before we have to register every computer out there?  How soon
before we have to register every phone and phone card?  Every pencil and   
knife and fork and other sharp objects? How soon before night curfews?
How soon before Victory Coffee and Gin?  How soon to food rations?  How
soon to electricity rations and water rations and net access rations? How
soon before ex-communist Russia has more freedom than we?
They've already silenced us, they've already taken our guns, they've
already thrown us in jail for feeding others, for speaking, thinking and  
protesting, and demanding privacy, they've already stripped our privacy,   
they've already murdered us, they've already licensed everything we can do 
and can't, they've already filled the streets with jackbooted gun and
nightstick toting thugs who wear blue and use bathroom plungers as means
of interrogation.
What next?  And how soon?

 Trevor Goodchild

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