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                                                   THE   UNIVERSE
 E=MC   The equation for the atom bomb. It says that matter and energy are the
 same thing. So then what is that? Matter, look at a brick. Its in a three dimensional
 form. Its made of electrons, protons and neutrons (atoms) and they are moving so
 the brick is moving. Energy,sunlight. Its in a three dimensional form. It comes to us
 from the sun therefore it is moving. 3D and moving Both matter and energy are 3D
 and moving. I outproduce Einstein. We already know all matter has gravity. The
 bending of light shows that energy has gravity also. So matter and energy are
 3D moving with gravity. The universe is made of matter, energy, time and space.
 That just stated is the matter and energy part. Time and space. Take everything
 in the universe and stop it. Does time progress? No. Therefore time is the motion
 and the understanding of all the motion is the understanding of all of time.
 Space, it ends. Space does not go on forever. Space is in a three dimensional
 form. It moves but does not have gravity. Space moves like this.  O  /\  +  \/  O
 And that is the understsanding of all of time.   
    O   This is what was first in the beginning.
   /\   This is the old kings and queens.
    +   This is democracy.
   \/   This is socialism.
   O   This is when the Lord Jesue Christ returns.
 And that is the understanding of the universe. Glory be to the Father the Son
 and the Holy Ghost. Revelation chapter 10 & 11; 15 - 19.  It is very important
 the people receive this information. You may tell someone about this.
                                                                     Thank You
                                                                   Robert Lavelle

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