The Real Bell Issue / Re: Bell, etc

Anonymous nobody at REPLAY.COM
Tue Aug 19 00:51:12 PDT 1997

Mike Duvos wrote:
> Jim Bell is an example of an individual screwed by the government
> using overly vague statues for alleged crimes which amounted to
> little more than a few high school type pranks.
> He took names of assholes who harrassed him, gave a made-up
> number to a few people, and made the IRS doormat smell bad.  How
> much, if any taxes, were evaded as a result of one of these
> charges isn't even an issue.

The following, from the Columbian, lies at the heart of the
real issue that Bell's persecution was all about.

> According to the affidavit, Bell came to the attention of the 
> Internal Revenue Service in November when he sent the agency's 
> Ogden (Utah) Service Center a letter asking for a tax refund. 

  Every year, just before Income Taxes are due, the IRS picks out
a few people to unjustly persecute in order to strike fear into
the heart of the taxpaying sheeple.
  They always manage to completely fuck over a variety of citizens
in a manner that will generate maximum publicity at that time of
year. They always seem to include at least one fairly average
citizen who gets everything he owns seized, including bank accounts,
etc., over a tax dispute involving nickles and dimes. Those who
express outrage over these actions are the IRS's best friend.
  "They have no right to..."
  "They are out of control..."
  "They can do anything they want to you..."
  This is all music to the IRS's ears.

  Jim Bell was like manna from heaven for the IRS. It gave them an
opportunity to bring down the fascist forces of a wide variety of
government agencies to back the IRS's play in this instance.
  Bell's persecution was not a mistake, it was a loud and clear
message to the taxpaying sheeple that they are "a felon under an
increasing number of laws," and that the IRS has a plethora of
government agencies ready and willing to join them in fucking 
over anyone who gets out of line.

  And what is the IRS's definition of "getting out of line?":
> According to the affidavit, Bell came to the attention of the 
> Internal Revenue Service in November when he sent the agency's 
> Ogden (Utah) Service Center a letter asking for a tax refund. 

  Apply for a tax refund and have every real or imagined sin you
have ever commited used against you.
  "A person who asked the IRS for a tax refund, had his home raided
today by 20 armed government terrorists from a wide variety of
government agencies.
  "This person who asked for a TAX REFUND has never been proven to
have anything to do with DRUGS such as METHAMPHETAMINE, and is not
known to be a SPEED FREAK or a DRUG DEALER. As well, government
agents investigating the person asking for the TAX REFUND have
never found any ILLEGAL DRUGS on his person or property, but the
person who asked for the TAX REFUND will be mentioned in connection
with DRUGS and METHAMPETAMINE, or SPEED, CRANK, etc., for the rest
of his life, every time he "comes to our attention" as a result
of asking for a TAX REFUND."

  I would not doubt that the IRS asked the local newspapers to put
a picture on their front page of 20 armed governement terrorists 
putting guns to the heads of Ma and Pa Bell, with Jim on the ground
with a boot at his throat, and a huge headline reading,

  The IRS spends the whole year going after people who they deem
to be guilty of tax evasion, and it is usually a fairly boring
affair involving accountants and lawyers.
  The weeks preceeding the date taxes are due to be filed are
reserved for high-profile cases which the sheeple can easily
recognize as persecution by a heartless agency with supreme power
at their disposal.
  The real issue in Bell's case is not just persecution, but easily
recognizable persecution. Otherwise, the whole Bell affair would be

  Perhaps, upon sentencing, we will see a headline,


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