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Tim May tcmay at
Mon Aug 18 22:10:42 PDT 1997

At 8:44 PM -0700 8/18/97, Robert A. Costner wrote:
>I'd appreciate some EMAIL comments on what anonymous remailers are used for,
>in particular the remailer at
>The "Georgia Cracker" remailer, like any remailer, has had several people
>complain about it's existence.  While I've received various emails telling me
>the remailer is a bad thing, including veiled legal threats, I've yet to see
>even one note that tells why it is a good thing.  I'd appreciate some
>comments on why the system should be maintained.

You made a lot of hay about setting it up, if I recall correctly. If you
didn't know what remailers are, and what they protect, why did you set it

More to the point, do you think anybody is now going to "break anonymity"
to tell you that allowed them to notify the authorities that
their father was raping their baby sister? Or that it allowed Hamas
supporters to funnel technical information to drive the ZOG government out
of Jerusalem? Or whatever.

And if someone used a remailer to send you accounts of what
was used for, would you trust these accounts?

Get a clue, man.

>There are two main reasons for this.  First, I need to explain to others at
>EFGA why this remailer is being maintained.  Secondly, I need to write an
>affidavit explaining why the remailer should not be shut down.  I'd really
>appreciate anyone who has used EMAILing me with what purpose it
>serves.  Anonymous comments are of course very welcome.

An affidavit sounds like a legal statement. If you "need to write an
affidavit explaining why the remailer should not be shut down, " just who
is threatening to shut it down?

Tell them the remailer is an important conduit for protecting
the secure communications of the Grand Wizards of the Ku Klux Klan, a
Georgia organization. If they balk, ask if the Klan does not have a right
of free speech and security in their papers and homes.

If they don't understand this, shoot them as enemies of the people.

--Tim May

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