Tim May in the news

Brad Dolan bdolan at USIT.NET
Mon Aug 18 21:52:12 PDT 1997

CBS must be going for the propaganda suck-up award this year.

Following tonight's "Chicago Hope," which dumped an immense wad of
socialist propaganda on us ("Health care is a right!"  "No one should ever
profit off a sick child."), the local news ran a CBS-produced feature
about the internet.  First half showed how cute bunny-rabbit cartoons
can educate your little hothouse genius.  Second half then explained how
there are {gasp} dirty *sex* sites out there that junior could
accidentally stumble across.  Obviously, something *must* be done.

Feature included a representative teen who manfully resists the temptation
to look at the feelthy pictures, 16-year-old Tim May of California.

I'm not making this up.

I wonder if it's an accident or a deliberate middle-finger from the


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