Jim Bell web pages

Greg Broiles gbroiles at netbox.com
Mon Aug 18 19:37:52 PDT 1997

I've got my original page with the scans of the search
warrant/affidavit/return at <http://www.parrhesia.com/jimbell/>, and a
second page collecting various links to media reports, etc., at

The Columbian (Jim's hometown paper) has a number of articles about him and
the progress of his case at
<http://www.columbian.com/newsroom/jimbell/jimbell.html>. There are also
some miscellaneous documents that the Columbian may or may not intend to
make available to the public available at
<http://www.columbian.com/newsroom/jimbell/> (I don't think they realize
that a directory without an index document will return a directory list. :)

John Young has collected several documents re Jim, which are cataloged at
the beginning of the document at <http://www.jya.com/jimbell-dock2.htm>. 

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