Picketing With Packets

Dr.Dimitri Vulis KOTM dlv at bwalk.dm.com
Mon Aug 18 18:29:50 PDT 1997

nospam-seesignature at ceddec.com writes:

> On Sun, 17 Aug 1997, Dr.Dimitri Vulis KOTM wrote:
> > Observation 1: it's much easier to get ON their junk mail list
> > then to get OFF of it.
> There are two lists, or more properly one list - the remove list.  The
> "ON" list is whatever cyberbomber or emailblaster, etc. generates.

It's interesting to note that thir very popular address
harvesting program was posted for free by the guy who sells an
e-mail filtering program.

> They are supposed to run the outbound mail through the remove list filter.
> And take action against anyone who doesn't.

I put a lot of bwalk mailboxes on the iemmc's off list, and I still
get a lot of shit in those mailboxes, stating in the header
'x-ad: see iemmc for removal instructions". Fucking liars.

> > Observation 2: if you enter the same userid several times, you
> > get several different numbers in the mail; all of them work
> > (not just the latest)
> All returned numbers give the same effect.  One day that changed from "The
> token you entered was invalid, try again or restart with your name" to
> "That user id removal is already in progress - please try again in 24
> hours".

That must be a recent development. I broke my Web browser and
can't look t it. [If I had realized what a buggy piece of shit NT
is, I would have kept OS/2 on bwalk and installed NT on another
box. :-( . Learn from my mistakes folks - NT sucks, OS/2 rulez.]


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