Alex le Heux

Lucky Green shamrock at
Mon Aug 18 18:16:39 PDT 1997

On Mon, 18 Aug 1997, Zooko Journeyman wrote:

>  A million monkeys operating under the pseudonym
>  "Alex le Heux <alexlh at>" typed:
> >
> Hey HEY!  It's the man who nearly managed to single-handedly 
> derail the PGP legal export hack by playing the block rocking 
> beats (all vinyl) which inspired the vacationing hackers to 
> spill the drinks on the source books.

Without Alex, there wouldn't really have been a Cypherpunks party tent 
to do the hack in. Well, the tent might have been there, but there would 
have been less fun and certainly not as many good looking women. And 
besides, how could one hack without music?


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