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Mon Aug 18 17:58:31 PDT 1997

At 12:26 AM 8/19/97 +0100, you wrote:
>Cypherpunks are individuals.

No shit.

>Pick 10 cypherpunks, you'll get 10 different views.

Well, that may be a no shitter.

>Don't see the need to disclaim non-cypherpunk status due to
>`bloodlust'...  Are you anticipating that the list readership will be
>collectively locked up for non-government approved thoughts?

They're not taking my ass alive, or at all.

>Are you sure that having a 10 mile crater where there used to be a
>bunch of power-crazed beaurocrats wouldn't be a net improvement :-)?

It would truly be a day to celebrate.

>It's not as if anyone is planning to nuke them anyway, it's just
>invective.  There might be some danger of some of us writing a bit of
>crypto code, or saying some negative things about politicians.  No
>laws against either of those (yet).

Just wait until they can read thoughts.  Man, that'll be a sight to see.

>A lot of the systematic torture, intimidation, carried out by 3rd
>world dictatorships is done at the hands of CIA trained government

Well, since they can't read thoughts yet, that's the best way.

It would be a day to celebrate loudly if someone put a crater in DC.

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