RSA v. PGP Docs

John Young jya at
Mon Aug 18 17:18:11 PDT 1997

We've added three docs on the RSA v. PGP suit:

A June 4 Stipulation and Order to drop (postpone) a PGP 
motion to compel RSA/PGP arbitration pending arbitration 
between RSA and Caro-Kann on the rights to terminate the 
Lemcom license inherited by PGP:

The arbitration was scheduled to begin June 18 but no 
documentation on its status is yet available in court files.

Two other procedural docs have been added to the
earlier package of PGP's responses to RSA at:

We've created an index to the case's docs and will
make items as they arrives, which helpful parties from 
all sides have promised:

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