Picketing With Packets

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Mon Aug 18 13:23:33 PDT 1997

On Sat, 16 Aug 1997, Mike Duvos wrote:

> dlv at bwalk.dm.com (Dr.Dimitri Vulis KOTM) writes:
>  > Perhaps this will spark another round of a cypherpunk
>  > discussion of technical solutions to junk e-mail...
> I'm tempted to go some sort of postage route myself, but I
> occasionally get mail from newbies who have never written me
> before, and who occasionally have something interesting to say.

>  > Visit these two sites and jump through the loops:

Actually, two procmail lines manage to move 60-80% of my junkmail to a
folder reserved for just that where I keep track.

The first line is in the header: "X-Advertisement: For removal information
...  www.iemmc.org" or whatever (remove the trailing period if it has one. 

And the second is the Email Blaster advertising banner and fax number in
the body.

And there was DynaMail which also had a fixed advertisement, but I only
got one of those.  And I have a lot more specific filters by processing
the "domains registered to spammers" lists.

Need I say that I am on the IEMMC removal list, or should be - for a long
while they kept rejecting my tokens until I set up an agent which would
keep submitting the form, and forward the mailed token properly.  Then
(after a few hundred) they kept saying it was in the middle of being

And the X-ad recipie is still finding mail to junk.

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