Picketing With Packets

Thorsten Fenk t.fenk at gmx.net
Mon Aug 18 12:58:45 PDT 1997

Bill Stewart (stewarts at ix.netcom.com) wrote :

> However, that doesn't really block the spammers who buy a list of
> N million targets and send spam out from their own machines,
> though shutting down Spamford and Harris Marketing would help,
> and would cut down the sales of the lists.

ever thougt about a "Teergrube" ?

It's a Patch for sendmail (and smail AFAIR).
It works as follows:
sendmail Messages normally look like this

250 nostromo.ino.de Hello fenkt at localhost [], pleased to meet you

(Numbercode <Space> Human readable Text)

A Minus Sign instead of the <Space> means, that sendmail waits for the 
current receive to finish.
If such messages appear, say every minute, the Connection stays open for
several hours, without a Timeout from the remote host.

A Teergrube controls a therefor prepared MTA to produce such 
messages; depending on an predefined list of IP Numbers.
It doesn't block all mail from the site; it just makes Bulk (maximal
Amount in shortest possible Time) mail very difficult. A single User
from that site can still send mail to your site, the only thing is
the increased amount of time for delivery.
This is opposite to blocking sites (sendmail 8.8.5 *Scheckrules ); which
is just a self-defense, but not a Solution against UBE.

If you want to try it:


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