Canarypunk: Jim Bell in a coalmine

Alan alan at
Mon Aug 18 10:57:22 PDT 1997

On Sun, 17 Aug 1997, Mac Norton wrote:

> you might consider a webpage that reports on visits, status,
> and so forth.

Or at least how many come from .gov and .mil sites.

> I've always thought his AP stuff silly, but I can't help
> but think it had somethng to do with his arrest and 
> his prosecution.  Perhaps the govt doesn't have a good
> silliness filter.

This is almost certain.

They also do not have much of a connection to a good clueserver either.  

A semi-humorous example of this was when they decided to have then vice
president Quayle in a hotel next to a Science Fiction convention.  The SF
con had to deal with a huge host of SS agents trying to figure out what
was happening and if there was a "threat" for them to stomp on.  (They
were very easy to spot.  They were the ones wearing the suits with the
pink dress shirts. (I guess lack of fashion sense is part of the job.))

At least on role playing game was disrupted by agents questioning the
participants in an overly serious manner.  (They were playing Top Secret
(a spy RPG) and had a scenerio involving assasinations.)

There were many of the SS agents there who *STILL* had no clues by the end
of the weekend...

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