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Mon Aug 18 09:48:09 PDT 1997

 A million monkeys operating under the pseudonym
 "Steve Schear <azur at netcom.com>" typed:
> May I suggest that we abandon the term AP, as being too narrowly focused,
> and use something more academic (looks better in FC's proceedings, anyway)
> such as Anonymous Betting Pools, or some such?


> Definitely.  Also, a legal treatment would be nice (Broiles?).  I've
> posited that ABPs rely on elements of skill rather than chance to avoid
> being tagged as gambling (e.g., Beat the Psychics).  Actually ABP could be
> viewed as an insurance policy.

Um, as soon as you broaden AP from libertarian fantasy into 
rigorous hypothesis, it turns out that it _isn't_ _anything_
but Idea Futures/insurance/ABPs/(payee-anonymous) contract 
markets plus the murderous daydream junk.

That is to say, from the rigorous (technical) point of view, 
AP _IS_ Idea Futures _IS_ ABPs _IS_ contract markets _IS_ 

TCMay has mentioned before that AP is nothing new...

If you want some scholarly exposition, write up some definitive
treatise on AP/IF/I/ABPs/CMs as such so that in the future 
crackpots who semi-independently come up with the idea won't be
able to tie it to political fantasies or other specific 
would-be-applications in the (un-)popular consciousness.

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