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Sun Aug 17 20:52:40 PDT 1997

> There was an article in the WSJ about this recently, TX has passed a law
> that goes into effect Sept. 1ST that will make publiclink illegal, they
> said they would continue to run the site and see what happens in court.
> Don't remember the date of the article.

I yelled about this as loud as I could to every state rep and senator I 
could find when I first heard about this site a few months ago.

The point that the scum at the texas dept of safety(hows that for orwellian 
in this case) are the ones selling the databases. It is so typical for the 
state to make a law prohibiting someone else to do that which they are 
doing themselves. The solution I gave them was to simply stop selling the 
information, and the situation would resolve itself.

So fucking typical of government in general. How can they even wonder why 
so many people hate them so?

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