Canarypunk: Jim Bell in a coalmine

Mac Norton mnorton at
Sun Aug 17 17:23:42 PDT 1997

you might consider a webpage that reports on visits, status,
and so forth.

I've always thought his AP stuff silly, but I can't help
but think it had somethng to do with his arrest and 
his prosecution.  Perhaps the govt doesn't have a good
silliness filter.

On Sun, 17 Aug 1997, Blanc wrote:

> >From Robert Hettinga:
> >Well, if he's still in there, and Vince Cate is up for it, we can probably
> >give you a scholarship, which, for FC98, means we let you in the door free.
> [.....]   Mostly it's to show that I, and maybe Vince, if
> >not the rest of the FC++ organization, realize that there, for the grace of
> >the net, go us, too, someday, if we don't do something to show that people
> >like Jim Bell, however loony or repugnant their ideas are to us personally,
> >are not alone.
> ........................................................................
> I was kidding, but that's awful nice of you, even if I still must pay for
> the rest of it.   Yes, I'll still go visit JimBob - I'll have to find out
> about his location, hours, etc.    Again, if any of you in this area would
> like to make the trip or meet there, perhaps meeting later as well for
> dinner and scholaryly discussion on the perils of free speech and such,
> please let me know.   
>     ..
> Blanc
>     ..
> Blanc

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