Picketing With Packets

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On Sat, 16 Aug 1997, Dr.Dimitri Vulis KOTM wrote:


> In all fairness, in addition to Stanford Wallace, there are several
> other spammers sending out junk e-mail. If you completely eliminate
> Stanford and his company, you will STILL get junk e-mail.

Of cause this is true,  but he is one of the beggest and thus gets the
most attention.  If we can stop him we cut down alot of email spam and we
can move on the smaller one.  Its like optimising code,  you find where
its taken most of its time and you optimise that.  

> Perhaps this will spark another round of a cypherpunk discussion of
> technical solutions to junk e-mail...

Hopefully,  the spammers are just as effective censors as the goverment
is IMHO.

> I placed myself on a zillion "remove" lists.  Now I no longer get any
> junk e-mail of interest (which I did on rare occasions),

I'm haveing trubble parsing this message,  do you mean that you are not
getting any junk e-mail that you are interested in?

> but still get at least once a day an MMF

I think this is a diffrent class of posting.  Thouse peaple who post MMF
do it from ignorence and stupidity, while this dosn't make what thay have
done any less harmfull, it means that it has to be fixxed in a diffrent
way to normal UCE.

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