Missed a PGP version?

Lucky Green shamrock at netcom.com
Sun Aug 17 06:41:00 PDT 1997

At 05:39 AM 8/17/97 PDT, David Downey wrote:
>   The version numbers of PGP floated from PGP 2.63i to PGP 5.0i. Did I 
>miss a version or was this done to reflect the start of the break from 
>the RSALIB algorythm? Also, does PGP 5.0 still support the MPLIB? Was it 
>used in it's design?

PGP 5.0 is the software formerly known as PGP 3.0. Viacrypt, which sold
commercial PGP licenses before PGP, Inc. was formed, used to sell a PGP 4.x
GUI version based on 2.63 core. Rather than trying to explain to their
customers why 3.0 was more advanced than 4.5, PGP, Inc decided to name the
rewrite 5.0.

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