No charges for Ruby Ridge murderers

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Sun Aug 17 01:34:48 PDT 1997

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>	The Justice Department decided not to bring charges against former
>FBI Deputy Director Larry Potts or Danny Coulson, Potts' deputy during the
>1992 seige at the remote cabin of white supremacist Randy Weaver, said
>government officials who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Randy Weaver was a white SEPARATIST, not a white supremacist. The
media is somehow capable of getting the separatist vs. supremacist
when it comes to Louis Farrakhan, but not for Randy Weaver. Randy
may well be, privately, a white supremacist. I think it's very likely,
and even more likely that Farrakhan is a black supremacist, but no
media person has ever pointed to a statement suppporting white
SUPREMACY, as opposed to separation, by Weaver. They continue in
their leftwing racist lies because they are biased, as a whole, against
"evil" white males. Sad that they can't use truth as a standard instead
of lies, since the truth is bad enough.

>	The department said in a statement obtained by The Associated
>Press, "The available evidence does not support further criminal
>prosecution of FBI officials ... from the August 1992 incident at Ruby

The available evidence did, however, support a multimillion dollar
verdict for Weaver. Sometimes, it's so wonderful being a taxpayer
I have to break down and cry...

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