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Sat Aug 16 21:59:22 PDT 1997

ok..i don't know how many of you saw this, and..given my short time
recently, it may have even passed through this list..so, if it's a
re-post, i apologive..if not, enjoy..but i figure with all the other
side threads that come through here..this will be my fuck up if it's a
re-post, ok?! well, enough of that, onto the post!

***************************from the BoS list******************

In a development that is probably sending Louis Freeh into coniptions
may represent a fatal blow to the administration's efforts to control
encryption exports, the source code for Pretty Good Privacy's PGP 5.0
encryption program was posted Monday on a web site at the University of

 So how did it get there, what with prohibitions on the export of
encryption encryption software? Right out the front door, that's how --
the form of a 6,000-page book (remember them?), a format that is not
covered by the law.

 A group of enterprising hackers set about scanning all 6,000 pages of
source code and then painstakingly double-checked for errors, a
process whose final fruits were unveiled in Unix format Monday, with Mac
and Windows versions forthcoming.

 PGP says it had nothing to do with the whole thing, but was happy to
its product vetted free by a group of experts, whose trouble-shooting
showed that the code is secure and contains no back doors for government

More info at http://www5.zdnet.com/zdnn/content/zdnn/0812/zdnn0006.html

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