Remailer hating Nazis

Anonymous nobody at REPLAY.COM
Sat Aug 16 21:10:48 PDT 1997

> If anything, flaming anonymously is good, since you can say anything you
> damn well please without a care. 

There are lots of good reasons to use remailers, but thinking that you are
not responsible for your actions is not one of them.  Anything you send
may be around to haunt you for many years to come. 

If you believe that any computer sytem is foolproof... you have a lot to
learn.  There is always a possibility that people will found out your real
identity and where you live, through a human error or a flaw in the
remailer.  (Right, toto?). 

> It relieves stress.

There are easier and safer ways:  get some exercise, or check out a porno
site, or go to a rifle range, or write a reply but don't send it. 


Greets to all my friends in domestic surveilance.

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