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True Residual Income-FCI Communications

Hello there,

Every day I check my mail, I get another solicitation from one of 
those 5.9 or 7.9 cent per minute scams.  In fact, I am also getting 
faxes a couple times per week by the same or similar groups.

They always ask for a sign up fee of anywhere from $29.95 to $100 
or more; $50 is the most common.  These con artists are coming and 
going every week now, some undoubtedly collecting $1000's in up front 
fees for the right to promote a non-existent service for a non-existent

I'm writing this message to you in an effort to spread the truth about
these fraudulent scam artists.

I am a 60 year old, practicing international petroleum engineer and I 
supplement my income by working in the telecommunications industry.  
I have traveled to 58 countries and therefore have paid my share of high 
long distance calls. I have been around the block more than a few times, 
and I can tell you this: The best deal any average consumer is going to 
get in this country today is a 9.9 cent per minute flat rate, if you know 
where to go.  Here is the reason why:

Whenever a long distance call is placed, there are fees charged 
by your local telephone company, called "origination" fees, and fees 
charged by the receiver a local telephone company, called "landing" fees.  
These fees are regulated by the federal government.  On average, the 
combined origination/landing fees are 6.5 to 7.5 cents per minute, 
depending on the telephone companies involved.

In addition to those fees, the carrier that connects the call 
over long distances via fiber, copper, and/or satellite links carries a 
cost for that call of at least 1 cent, and sometimes more.  This
brings the COST for that call to 7.5 to 8.5 cents per minute.

Then, there are the administrative costs associated with the 
calls in the form of "rating" the call data, "formatting" the calls in a 
logical manner to present them to the consumer (both processes are 
extremely computer intensive , AND postage, paper, and labor, in the 
form of customer service, and equipment maintenance.  Conservatively, 
these costs add another .5 (one half) cent, bringing the true COST of a 
long distance telephone call to anywhere from 8 to 9 cents per minute.

Finally, there is the cost of distribution, i.e.: marketing and
advertising.  The commercials that you see on television every 
day for the big carriers are not free to those companies.  In fact, they 
spend millions of dollars every DAY to push their long distance 
service, which, remember, is costing THEM 8 to 9 cents per minute.

When you see a commercial for Sprint, for example, make sure you 
watch the fine print.  Their "dime line" only applies during evenings 
after 7pm, and during the weekend.  Every weekday from 7am to 7pm 
the cost is 25 cents per minute.

AT&T has taken a more honest approach recently with their "one 
rate", yet even they are still charging 15 cents per minute.

MCI has so many plans now, you're lucky if you'll ever know how 
much you're paying for a long distance call until you look at your 
bill. (if you dare)

Telecommunications "resellers" are the real wave of the future.  
These companies purchase transmission time from major carriers, and 
bill their customers themselves, while still providing the exact same 
service at a much lower cost.

Their customers are still physically utilizing the major carriers 
for service, but simply receive their BILLS for their calls from the
reseller or "rebiller".

Since deregulation in 1984, the reseller industry has grown to 
over $12 BILLION per year, and industry experts predict that by the 
year 2000, the majority of telecommunications usage will be handled by 
resellers utilizing the major carriers.

How can they do this?  By being creative in their marketing 
approach, and keeping the cost of distribution down to an absolute 
minimum. The most cost-efficient way to market telecommunications 
is via an agent network, i.e.: individuals working for the reseller on a 
commission-only basis.

The best rate any individual can receive today is through a 
reseller for a major carrier.  I am a customer and agent for a company 
called FCI, which is a direct reseller for IXC Communications, Inc., the 
USA's 5th largest coast-to-coast fiber optic network.  IXC currently 
provides 1000's of miles of fiber for AT&T, Sprint, MCI, and the federal

FCI offers a flat rate 9.9 cent per minute rate for 1+ long 
distance AND 800 usage, and bills its customers in 6 second 
increments, instead of full minute increments like the big carriers do.  
This results in savings to consumers of an additional 10%-25%, 
depending on the types of calls placed.

FCI is also nearly finished completing a "web page billing" 
system which will be a great benefit to the consumer, as they will be able to 
see the actual calls they place on a DAILY basis, as well as their cost 
for those calls.  When in place, FCI will be the ONLY long distance 
company in the nation offering this unique service.

The Wall Street journal, as well as the FOX News Channel, have 
recently featured FCI and their unique approach to the long distance 
market.  FCI is a truly revolutionary company, and has been gaining 
acclaim across the nation and particularly on the internet.

As a reseller, FCI has the right to work with other carriers if they are 
presented with better rates for their customers.  FCI has recently chosen to 
work with ITL (International Telecom Ltd) for its superior international 
calling rates, such as the following flat rates per minute  (US origination):

	U K		.185
	Russia		.670
	France		.280
	Greece		.475
	Israel		.690
	Japan		.360  (this is not a typo!)
	China		.810

For more information on FCI and how you can even earn a great 
residual income by promoting their service like I do, you may visit 
my FCI Web Page at:

You will have the opportunity to sign up for service online, and get a 
free web page to promote the service, with an opportunity to earn 
up to 5% residual commissions on other people's usage.  There is no 
"sign up" or "agent" fee to participate in the program.

I hope this note finds you and yours in good health.

Good luck and warm regards,

Harold W. Elledge

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