Picketing With Packets

Dr.Dimitri Vulis KOTM dlv at bwalk.dm.com
Sat Aug 16 15:25:10 PDT 1997

Mike Duvos <enoch at zipcon.net> writes:

> I availed myself of some free home page enhancements on the Web
> yesterday, and all of a sudden, my SPAM has increased by at least
> an order of magnitude.  Obviously, one or more of the sites I
> visited sold my email address to Mr. Spamford.

In all fairness, in addition to Stanford Wallace, there are several
other spammers sending out junk e-mail. If you completely eliminate
Stanford and his company, you will STILL get junk e-mail.

Perhaps this will spark another round of a cypherpunk discussion of
technical solutions to junk e-mail...

I placed myself on a zillion "remove" lists.  Now I no longer get any
junk e-mail of interest (which I did on rare occasions), but still
get at least once a day an MMF and/or an ad for a sex site.

I'll tell you what I did, if anyone cares to spend a little time
emulating what I did.

Visit these two sites and jump through the loops:


(You may also want to check out these Web sites:


Send an e-mail with a "remove" in the subject to the following collection
of addresses. I keep track of when I send in a semi-automatic ";remove"
request. Quite a few of them keep on sending junk e-mail despite the
remove requests. Some may add you to their junk mail list when they
get your remove request if you're not on it already.

1health at zeecom.com
1stfam at regulus.net
access at 1stfamily.com
access at 1stfamily.com
addresses at answerme.com
admin at t-3net.com
alpha1 at delapaz.com
askme at homepowerbiz.com
babbling2 at answerme.com
babbling at answerme.com
ballman at t-1net.com
bannonj at mail.albany.net
bannonj at ofns.com
billm at ascella.net
bizman at savetrees.com
bizop at zignzag.com
bld892 at hotmail.com
bowdie at regulus.net
campaign at arialsoftware.com
canceranswer at eom.net
carproinc at savetrees.com
cleanair at spica.net
clubmail at com3xbz.riser.net
clubmail at net5xai.riser.net
credit2u at savetrees.com
ctn at cartridgetechnology.com
cyber at cura.net
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