FCPUNX:McVeigh on McVeigh

Wazoo MixMaster mix at earth.wazoo.com
Sat Aug 16 15:23:02 PDT 1997

At 06:27 PM 8/15/97 -0800, you wrote:
>  Amen!!!
>  More money was spent on McVeigh's defense than on O.J.'s prosecution.
>For fifteen million dollars, McVeigh's lawyer couldn't be troubled to
>raise his voice in his client's defense.

Funny thing is, if O.J. was, say, a bus-driver with food stamps, how long do you think *his* trial would be?

Besides, McVeigh's trial wasn't about truth or justice.  It was all about getting revenge, drawing blood, satisfying the bloodthirsty people of America.

>  There are a handful of lawyers I respect as having the skill and the
>integrity to properly defend me to the max, but I wouldn't give you two
>cents for McVeigh's government-bought schill.

McVeigh's lawyer was probably influenced (read: leaned on) by government fascists, so that McVeigh would die.

>  The role of McVeigh's attorney was to placate the American people's
>sense of "justice" without rocking the boat. He didn't upset the
>American people, he didn't upset the judge, the prosecutor, his golfing
>buddies, or the court house restroom attendant.

Very different from say, Atticus Finch, in "To Kill a Mockingbird".  He defended a black man, in a place and time very against that.  While this government controlled dickless loser that was McVeighs lawyer, didn't prosecute like a man, because then he'd be blacklisted and treated like shit.

>  He did upset me, however, and that might turn out to be a big mistake
>on his part.

If anyone out in this world feels like bumping off McVeighs lawyer, please do so.  We need less lawyers like him.

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