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Sun Aug 17 00:58:45 PDT 1997

Subject: Presidential Joke, as seen on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno!

You've seen or heard the commercial, "Hooked on Phonics, it 
worked for me, ABCDEFG" right?

Well, check out this Award-Winning Presidential T-Shirt, VOTED 
the Funniest Presidential T-Shirt of ALL TIME!

It has a Big Full-Color graphic on the back of The President 
in a Tux, playing his Saxaphone, with musical notes Flying 
out of it.  

But what's that I see?!?  No way!!!  There are big Smoke Rings 
Flying out of his Sax! ...and The President is saying,

                 HOOKED ON BONG HITS
                  IT WORKED FOR ME!

The exclamation point is actually a Burning Joint!

On the front of the T-Shirt is a small chest print with 
children's blocks colored in Every Color of the Rainbow, 
just like the ABCDEFG blocks in the commercial... only they 
say "THCYA", as in THC 'YA or SEE 'YA LATER!  

Underneath the blocks are the words "INHALE TO THE CHIEF" 
hovering atop another Joint! 

The Hooked On Bong Hits T-Shirt was hand silk-screened in the 
U.S.A. on the finest quality Fruit of the Loom(tm) 100% Cotton 
Heavy-Weight Tee and was previously available at Woodstock '94, 
Grateful Dead shows, Newbury Comics and numerous Smoke, Joke, 
and T-Shirt shops across the United States for $24.95 + local 
sales tax, but they sold ALL they had left!  

You can't find these One of a KIND T-Shirts in stores anymore.  
Now, for a limited time only, you can buy one HOOKED ON BONG 
T-shirt Factory Direct for $15.95 or TWO for ONLY $24.95!  
Sorry, but due to the HIGH demand for these T-Shirts, your 
order is limited to only TWO, so you MUST respond NOW, BEFORE 
supplies run out!  

Don't miss out on this FINAL OPPORTUNITY to own the hottest 
selling T-Shirt in History!  It's the perfect gift for Mom or 
Dad, brother or sister, a friend, your political enemy, your 
neighbor, your co-worker, your boyfriend or girlfriend (the 
XLarge makes a great Night Shirt).  Send one to the Mayor, 
Rush Limbaugh, Bob Dole or the President HIMSELF!  Take a 
picture of his facial expression when he sees it and send 
it to us or Jay Leno!  We'll put it up on the web for FREE!

Don't wait 'til it's TOO LATE!  Your order must be postmarked 
by August 25, 1997!  Simply print the following order coupon, 
fill it out, and send it with your check or money order.  
Please make Cashiers Check, Money Order, or Personal Check 
in US dollars payable to: E-Associates, Inc. and send to:

E-Associates, Inc.
306 Thayer St., Dept. 129
Providence, RI 02906


E-mail Address_____________________________________________




Phone #____________________(in case address is illegible, not required)

$_______  Please send ONE Hooked On Bong Hits T-Shirt for only  $15.95 ___
$_______  Please send TWO Hooked On Bong Hits T-Shirts for ONLY $24.95 ___
$_3.95__  Shipping & Handling US PRIORITY MAIL(yes, it's the same for TWO!)
$_______  International Orders (Please add an additional $4.00)
$_______  Subtotal
$_______  Sales Tax (RI residents 7.00%)
$_______  Order total US$

T-Shirt Size Preference:

____S  ____M  ____L  ____XL

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery when paying by Cashiers Check or 
Money Order.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery when paying by Personal 

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno is a Trademark of Jay Leno Productions.

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