HIP hip hooray

Lucky Green shamrock at netcom.com
Fri Aug 15 19:03:25 PDT 1997

At 11:52 AM 8/13/97 +0200, Zooko Journeyman wrote:
> A million monkeys operating under the pseudonym 
> "Mark Grant <mark at unicorn.com>" typed:
>> Hey, Zooko! You were the only Cypherpunk who made the article in the
>> 'Independent' (by that blonde reporter who was wandering around), though
>> Lucky Green was mentioned by name.
>Wow.  Oh how the mighty have fallen, from an adulatory spread 
>in Wired to a mention in The Independent.  And to think that 
>Lucky was the fellow who was supposed to get the most benefit 
>from the situation in the first place!

Lucky got much benefit from HIP. [What's the smiley for a *huge* grin?]

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