Getting back at spamford (fwd)

Mac Norton mnorton at
Fri Aug 15 17:24:26 PDT 1997

there are services that will do this cheaper. Pathfinder
spammed me the other day, in fact, and will get this
stuff, and mortgages, financing statements, etc., for
about $400. We lawyers get these spams all the time,
but I have hear this one kinda works.

On Fri, 15 Aug 1997, Ray Arachelian wrote:

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> Begin message:
> Subject:      Need contributions to slow Cyberpromotions down..
> From:         Peter Cumming <pcumming at>
> Message-Id:   <3363AD45.357E at>
> Organization: Netcom
> Reply-To:     pcumming at
> Newsgroups:
> I have found a Private Investigator within distance of Sanford Wallace
> Cyberpromotions business to look into his affairs personally. All
> results will be posted on the webpages of those who have one (I do not)
> and all newsgroups.
> The PI quoted $1,000. I will put up $250 and had some others add some
> money but we are not even halfway there. So pass the word and some money
> if you care to be a part of the following.
> The info that the PI will obtain will consist of (for Sanford W) DOB,
> DMV, Car type, Tag#, Bank accounts, home number, cell number, phone
> calls made in last 30 days, childrens name, home address, SSN, bank
> cards held, credit report, etc.. 
> I do not have $1,000 this year to throw at this but if you are
> interested in helping out or have better ideas let me know. I will put
> in $250. No checks will be sent to me, all to the PI if we come up with
> the necessary $1,000. Also will need some good volunteers to put out
> some web pages with the info I post. It is up to whomever to use the
> info as they see fit. It is not my responsibility.
> Thanks,
> Peter

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