Reducing Crypto-Anonymous Crime by 50%

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Fri Aug 15 12:50:45 PDT 1997

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>Subject: Reducing Crypto-Anonymous Crime by 50%
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>Mike wrote:
>> Alice wants to receive e$1 from Bob. She creates a random number, blinds
>> it, and gives the blinded number to Bob. He shows the number to the
>> Mint, asking for a withdrawal of e$1 with a signature on this coin
>> number. Bob gives the signed and still blinded coin to Alice. She
>> unblinds it and spends it, end of story.
>  It seems to me that many of the government's fascist goals for
>stopping strong crypto and anonymous financial transactions could
>be realized merely by whacking out Alice and Bob.

My analysis indicates that both risk and effort could be halfed by just
wacking Alice with the same net effect.  I'm passing on this suggestion to
the operations desk.

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