Bringing Adam Back for Trial

Tim May tcmay at
Fri Aug 15 10:04:30 PDT 1997

At 2:05 AM -0700 8/15/97, Bill Stewart wrote:
>At 05:35 AM 8/14/97 +0000, Vipul Ved Prakash wrote:
>>> Already been done.  RSA in 4 lines of Perl, etc...  Heck there was even a
>>> site out that that cut a UUENCODED copy of PGP into many bits and asked
>>Is RSA in 3 lines of PERL an ITAR violation? Its more like "meta" code for bc
>>todo RSA. adam?
>Well, Raph Levien applied for an export permit for the RSA-in-4-lines-of-PERL
>shirt several years ago, and the export thugs stalled on it and never
>responded positively or negatively, in spite of their publicly stated
>policies that they "will" respond in some small number of days.
>Since then, they've changed the laws, and the PERL RSA has gotten shorter...
>Of course, it's not a violation for Adam - he's not an American :-)

 But of course Adam was seen within U.S. borders wearing such a shirt. This
means the act of importation had occurred, regardless of where Adam came
from (and regardless of where the shirt was made, etc.).

And once imported, code becomes subject to all of the usual ITARs and
related laws. (They changed the name "ITAR" to something else, which I've doubt 5 people will post one-liners telling me what it is.)

So unless Adam disposed of this shirt, to a bonafide American or
America-approved subject, before his departure from the U.S. last summer....

Perhaps a DEA snatch team can be pressed into service to nab him in
England, drug him, wrap him in tarps, and spirit him onto a C-5 cargo plane
headed for the Land of the Freeh.

--Tim May

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