Toilet plungers and sodomy: Why we should trust police blindly

Ray Arachelian sunder at
Fri Aug 15 08:38:51 PDT 1997

On Thu, 14 Aug 1997, Dr.Dimitri Vulis KOTM wrote:

> Can you blame them?  They have a quote for writing parking tickets and will
> get in trouble for not writing enough; while they don't have a quota e.g. for
> writing tickets to the folks who run red lights, and can get shot at if they
> try to.

Sure I can blame them.  If they're unwilling to support the constitution
and do what's right and proper by it, they don't belong in the police
force, they belong in the congress with all the other political scum
sucking bastards.
> As for the regrettable incident with the plunger: while it sounds bad out of
> context, it can be viewed as just desserts for the indignities the while people
> in New York City have undergone under the Dinkins administration.  If the
> alleged victim (who already gave 3 highly contradictory stories of the events)
> thinks that this city is so racist, why didn't he stay in his native Haiti?

Probably for the same reason you didn't chose to remain in Russia and came
here. :)  Whatever crimes he might have been arrested for and allegedly
commited don't mask or negate that the police raped him.  Pure and simple.

Did you mean "white" instead of "while"?  I believe the pig^H^H^cop
involved was hispanic not white, so your racist comment is out of place,
but whatever... IMHO, Dinkins was a weak mayor, probably a puppet to
someone else.  Just dig up some old news bulletins and speeches of his and
you'll see he's very meek and afraid.  I doubt he had any control over
this city. 

While under his regime, city hall was constantly surrounded by cops almost
daily.  I used to work near there and saw it durring lunch.  Bomb scares
and all that I think...  Gee I wonder what he was afraid of?

I wasn't around there that much when Guiliani came so I don't know if the
blockades remained or not.  Perhaps some other knowledgeable punk can
answer that.... 

Still, all he did was battle with the UN and inflict a police state on us
which does nothing but put tickets on windshields and steals cars parked
on the public streets to sell them for profit, or holds them hostage for
you.  Obviously the laws of diminish returns apply to hiring cops as
well..  at a certain point all the good cops are already hired and all
you're left to hire is pure scum.

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