Remailer hating Nazis (was Re: The BIG Lie (Jesus Confesses))

Anonymous anon at
Fri Aug 15 07:19:31 PDT 1997

At 9:34 AM, The Remailer Hating Nazi Patrick Oonk wrote:
>You can't read, obviously.

Actually, I learned to read in Kindergarten, and can still read nicely.  I just don't contradict myself.

>What I said was that it's a bit lame to flame me
>and call me names, without giving me  the oppportunity to mail you 
>directly, w/o bothering the other people on this list.

Funny that other cypherpunks don't try to censor me.  Most just delete crap that they don't want to read.  So what's your story?

>You twist my words around.

Bullshit I did.  You speak lowly of remailer users, but you make and run remailers, or at least, you ran remailers.

>By the way, where did your wig-wearing faggot founding fathers of you suddenly go ?

Knee-deep in your censorous Nazi rectum with muskets, you Hitlerist bigoting bastard.

>Start coding, instead of just flaming people.

So in addition to being too coward to run remailers, you are also a censorous little prick, eh?  Don't tell me what to do, you fascist liar.

>Post-natal abortion would have been a good solution for you.

At least I'm not an inspiration for birth control, like you, Patty.  I'm surprised that your family didn't disown you at the first sign of a head coming out.

We need less Censor-happy Nazi cowards like you on this planet.

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