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Fri Aug 15 06:52:59 PDT 1997


On Fri, 15 Aug 1997, Ratprick Oink wrote:

> Patrick Oonk stuttered and drooled:


> > Flaming me through a remailer is the equivalent of shouting
> > 'hey asshole!' and then running away.
>   Sorry to hear you have such a low opinion of those who use
> anonymous remailers.

He has a low option of peaple who flame though Anon remailers.  Wich is a
totaly diffrent stament to saying all peaple who use remailers.  Or can
you only think of the use of reamilers for this perpose.

> Is your work on remailers an 'ego' thing,

I'm shar he is working on them because like most of us he knows the need
for anonminity.  In fact I don't realy care why he works on the remailers,
he could be seting them up cause the sausor peaple told him to, as long
as peaple can use them and there secure he is doing good.

Flaming via Anon reamilers is bad, not because its done via an anon
reamiler but because Flamming is mostly bad.

Posting internal secret Scintioligoy documents proving there involvement
in tax frad is good not because it is done via an anon reamiler but
because attacking COS is good.

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