Remailer hating Nazis

Patrick Oonk patrick at
Fri Aug 15 06:48:15 PDT 1997

Some word-twisting asshole wrote:
>   Sorry to hear you have such a low opinion of those who use
> anonymous remailers. Is your work on remailers an 'ego' thing,
> or are you a cop?

I am a cop, but it boosts my ego too.

>   You want to "hide behind" private email? Ashamed of your beliefs
> and don't want them made public?

Definitively. I am full of shit.

>   When did this become a "private" flamewar, shit-for-brains? Are
> you under the mistaken impression that your public post to this
> list has drawn negative replies from only a single anonymous
> source?

I am pretty sure there is only one person as sad as you are.
(Except me of course).

>  So spam me, big boy. Spam me.

Let the pros stick to that.

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