Remailer hating Nazis (was Re: The BIG Lie (Jesus Confesses))

Patrick Oonk patrick at
Fri Aug 15 06:21:22 PDT 1997

> At 09:58 AM 8/15/97 +0200, you wrote:
> >I wrote two remailer programs, I ran several remailers, and I am working
> >on bugfixes for replay. I couldn't care less about your founding
> >fathers who killed the native americans and raped their women.
> >Killing virtually unarmed  people with guns is an act of cowardice.
> According to you, remailer using people are cowards.  So quite frankly, why the hell are you helping remailers if you get so pissed at people using them?
> Sounds like you don't have your priorities straight.

You can't read, obviously. What I said was that it's a bit lame to flame me
and call me names, without giving me  the oppportunity to mail you 
directly, w/o bothering the other people on this list.

> >Flaming me through a remailer is the equivalent of shouting 
> >'hey asshole!' and then running away. Children do it often.
> If that's what you think of the blessed gift of anonymity, then, quite frankly, FUCK YOU.  Theres's nothing childish about using remailers, and if you think otherwise, then stop making them!

You twist my words around.

By the way, where did your wig-wearing faggot founding fathers of you suddenly go ?

Start coding, instead of just flaming people.

Post-natal abortion would have been a good solution for you.

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