Remailer hating Nazis

Ratprick Oink patrick at
Fri Aug 15 06:05:02 PDT 1997

Patrick Oonk stuttered and drooled:
> An Anonymous Coward wrote:
> > The remailer hating Nazi called Patrick Oonk wrote:
> > >At least I don't hide behind a remailer.

> > There's no cowardice to it, dumbass.  Our founding fathers and others wrote things anonymously.  I guess they're cowards?

> I wrote two remailer programs, I ran several remailers, and I am working
> on bugfixes for replay. 

  Did you shut down those "several remailers" out of...cowardice?

> Flaming me through a remailer is the equivalent of shouting
> 'hey asshole!' and then running away.

  Sorry to hear you have such a low opinion of those who use
anonymous remailers. Is your work on remailers an 'ego' thing,
or are you a cop?
> I also cannot reply to you privately, so all other members of
> this mailinglist have to suffer our private flamewar.

  You want to "hide behind" private email? Ashamed of your beliefs
and don't want them made public?
  When did this become a "private" flamewar, shit-for-brains? Are
you under the mistaken impression that your public post to this
list has drawn negative replies from only a single anonymous
  My heart, also, bleeds purple piss for the poor, fragile young
cypherpunks who will suffer needlessly, perhaps being traumatized
for life, by exposure to negative energy and obscene words like
"dumbass." However, some of the older, more experienced members
of the cypherpunks list have long ago learned to make the best
of a bad situation, and amuse themselves by using their dick to
press the <Delete> key.
  So spam me, big boy. Spam me.


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