Cartel Leaders Set Snipers To Work In Border War

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Fri Aug 15 04:10:01 PDT 1997

Tim May wrote:
> According to this article, the home addresses of government agents are
> being solicited by Mexican drug dealers, for disposal of agents
> interfering in their business.

  A major thrust of the article deals with the government promotion
of the idea that the "bad guys" have actively declared war upon agents
of the U.S. government, on U.S. soil.
  Strange that this claim should come from a variety of sources at
the same time the government is facing the embarassment of having to
whitwash the actions of heavily armed, camouflaged Marines who felt
so threatened by a goat-herder with a .22 rifle that they slaughtered
him with their M-16's, despite the fact that the child was an American
citizen, doing what he had every right to do, on American soil.

  The drug cartels are having such little trouble getting drugs into
the U.S. that cocaine and heroine are cheaper than a bottle of good
Scotch, yet, according to the government, they have decided that it 
is necessary to perform actions which will "force" the government
to 'crack down' on border terrorism with increasing use of armed
force. Right...
  I bet the child pornography cartels are arming themselves, even 
as we speak, preparing to join the drug cartels in their war against
the U.S. governement. We'd better send some Marines to Denver, New
York City, and Fargo. Then everybody but the high-school goat herders
will feel much safer, I'm sure.

"There is something wrong when U.S. armed forces murder American
 schoolchildren on American soil, under an increasing number of
 unconstitutional laws."

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> > Cartel leaders set snipers to work in border 'war'
> > By John Hiscock Electronic Telegraph, London
> >
> > August 11, 1997
> >
> > AMERICAN Border Patrol agents have become targets of snipers working
> > for drug smugglers trying to take control of the border with Mexico. A
> > five-mile strip of frontier near San Diego in California has become so
> > dangerous that a specially-trained squad of border patrol sentries
> > armed with assault rifles has been drafted in to combat the snipers,
> > who have fired at agents seven times in the past two months.
> >
> > The agents believe that Mexican drug cartel leaders have issued
> > instructions to kill any law enforcement officers impeding drug
> > smuggling operations. Their fears have been heightened by a bulletin
> > from the Immigration and Naturalisation Service that said two drug
> > cartel leaders in the Mexican border city of Tijuana had "reportedly
> > contracted with local gangs on both sides of the border to kill
> > federal law enforcement personnel", preferably on American soil. In
> > addition, officers recently received reports that cartel henchmen have
> > put a price on their heads by offering to pay £7,000 for the
> > home address of any United States federal agent.
> >
> > Dianne Feinstein, a Californian senator, says that border patrol
> > agents, whose job until recently was to arrest mainly frightened and
> > unarmed Mexicans trying to cross the frontier at night, are now in the
> > front line of a vicious drug war. "This is a border on alert, a border
> > where anything could happen," she said. "These cartels are moving
> > drugs across the border and are operating with impunity and that adds
> > an increased risk to the lives of border patrol agents. This is a
> > different border than it was two years ago."
> >
> > In addition to being the most popular spot for illegal aliens
> > attempting to cross, the border around San Diego is now the main
> > gateway for cocaine and heroin bound for the US. Since the
> > introduction of Operation Gatekeeper, President Clinton's 1994
> > anti-illegal alien initiative that poured more money and agents into
> > the San Diego area, the drug smugglers have found themselves
> > increasingly caught up in the patrols' swoops on illegal
> > border-crossers.
> >
> > "We've made it increasingly difficult for drug traffic," said John
> > Williams, the chief of San Diego's 2,000-strong border patrol sector.
> > "We're making it tough on crime and that certainly has some bearing on
> > their reaction. The escalation of violence is of grave concern to me
> > and my agents."
> >
> > Members of the elite special protection unit carry M-16 assault
> > rifles, with a range of more than a mile, while all agents are now
> > being issued with semi-automatic pistols and shotguns.
> --
> There's something wrong when I'm a felon under an increasing number of laws.
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