Toilet plungers and sodomy: Why we should trust police blindly

Anonymous nobody at REPLAY.COM
Fri Aug 15 04:08:29 PDT 1997

Mike Duvos wrote:
> The "alleged victim" describes officers beating him and then shoving a
> toilet plunger up his rectum and down his throat while yelling "Take that,
> Nigger!"  He has a broken jaw, a punctured rectum, and a torn bladder, a
> colostomy, and will require multiple surgeries to repair all the damage.

> In other news, a Texas jury refused to indict a marine who shot an 18 year
> old goatherder tending his flock near the Mexican border.
> An interesting newsday, as Tim McVeigh is sentenced to death, and quotes
> from Justice Brandeis about the government teaching its citizen-units by
> example.

  I expect to receive an email from "News of the Weird" any day
now, announcing that they are going out of business because they
can no longer compete with the "normal" weird news that is becoming
standard fare in the main press.
  What bothers me is that there seems to be an amazing number of
people who have developed the ability to watch the unceasing parade
of freedom-fucking, fascist insanity that marches across their field
of vision each day, and manage to block it from their consciousness
by telling themself that everything is going to be OK, as soon as
we get a few more laws to rid the planet of drug-dealing pedophiles.
  I would like to see Janet Reno and Louis Freeh announce a press
conference and tell the citizens, "...and the minute we have all of
the drug-dealing pedophiles in prison, we're going to see if we 
can't do something about those cops that are shoving toilet plungers
up the citizen's assholes."

  Priorities. We have to have priorities.


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