Toilet plungers and sodomy: Why we should trust police blindly

Mike Duvos enoch at
Thu Aug 14 23:13:27 PDT 1997

Dr. Vebis writes:

> As for the regrettable incident with the plunger: while it sounds bad out of
> context, it can be viewed as just desserts for the indignities the while people
> in New York City have undergone under the Dinkins administration.  If the
> alleged victim (who already gave 3 highly contradictory stories of the events)
> thinks that this city is so racist, why didn't he stay in his native Haiti?


The "alleged victim" describes officers beating him and then shoving a
toilet plunger up his rectum and down his throat while yelling "Take that,
Nigger!"  He has a broken jaw, a punctured rectum, and a torn bladder, a
colostomy, and will require multiple surgeries to repair all the damage. 

The police officers initially covered up for eachother, and the guilty cop
was only turned over to internal affairs when the cops realized that they
had a situation so serious that they couldn't lie their way out of it. 

It will be interesting to see whether he is charged with anything serious,
what sort of defense he concocts, whether his fellow officers testify
against him. 

In other news, a Texas jury refused to indict a marine who shot an 18 year
old goatherder tending his flock near the Mexican border.  After the
shooting, the marines claimed that the man had fired first, but this
excuse seems to be crumbling as the investigation continues. 

An interesting newsday, as Tim McVeigh is sentenced to death, and quotes
from Justice Brandeis about the government teaching its citizen-units by

Ruby Ridge, Waco, Jackbooted Thugs, Atrocities under Color of Authority,
Unbridled Arrogance, and Unmitigated Gall.

Surely we should learn well from these examples as our government tells us
how it wishes us to treat it. 

Up against the wall with the lot of them. 

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