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Dr.Dimitri Vulis KOTM dlv at
Thu Aug 14 16:35:17 PDT 1997

Adam Back <aba at> writes:
> Child pornographers and pedophiles operate in the real world, and they
> get caught.  Problem is they let them go again despite 80+% re-offense
> rate.  Hence cry for "lynch them".  There was some sicko in this town
> who molested a 7 year old girl over a 2 year time span.  Turned
> himself in, and got 1 year jail time.  He's out an about cocky as
> ever, not even repentant.  Back in the days of the wild-west such
> types wouldn't live long.  "He needed killing" used to be I understand
> a perfectly satisfactory legal defense.

Conspiracy theory: given how people who have anything to do with (some) drugs
get locke dup for life, do the law enforcement agencies purposefully let
the child molesters run wild to scare the public into supporting more
curtailment of civil liberties?

> btw "Child pornographer" is a difficult term to define towards the
> boundary, eg Tracy Lords was underage at the begining of here career,
> also the age of consent is much lower in the liberal Scandinavian
> countries.  Last time we had this argument James Donald posted to the
> list a uuencoded gif of some chick, I guess the claim was she was just
> underage by US standards.

I understand that in Canada the age of concent is 14, which is pretty
reasonable.  It turns out that Tracy Lords was 17 at the time she was
filmed sucking cock.  A girl who hasn't had a cock in her mouth by the
time she's 17 is probably a lesbian.


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