McVeigh on McVeigh

Declan McCullagh declan at
Thu Aug 14 15:58:07 PDT 1997

			The letter convicted Oklahoma City bomber Timothy
McVeigh sent to U.S. District Judge Richard Matsch, released Thursday:

	June 22, 1997
	Dear Judge Matsch,
	I am writing to you with the understanding that you are
responsible for assigning my appellate attorneys.
	It has been represented to me that you are aware of the problems
and difficulties I have had with my appointed counsel in the past. With
this letter I do not waive anything with respect to those concerns - but
if I have any voice in who represents me on appeal, I would prefer Richard
Burr, Randall Coyne, and Robert Nigh, Jr.
	If Stephen Jones must be appointed, I would at least request that
Richard Burr and Robert Nigh, Jr. be appointed as co-appellate counsel and
that Randall Coyne be authorized to assist Richard Burr.
	Thank you for your time.
	Timothy J. McVeigh
	APTV-08-14-97 1833EDT

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