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VP Gore Strong-Arms Crypto Company, then Demands Donation

Between 1995 and 1996 Al Gore called 44 people from the White house to
solicit money for his re-election. Those calls netted the DNC over $2
million dollars. The Vice President placed these calls from the White
House on his DNC credit card. One person Mr. Gore called was Sandford
Robertson, part owner of the San Francisco investment banking firm
Robertson, Stephens and Co. The Vice President's call obtained $142,000
from "Sandy" Robertson for the DNC. Yet, Sandy was already well known in
the DNC camp. Between 1993 and 1997, Sandy Robertson or his wife donated
over $700,000 to various campaigns, including $100,000 for Clinton's
1993 inauguration.

Robertson, Stephens and Co. are also major financial backers of Security
Dynamics, the present owners of RSA Inc. It was Robertson, Stephens and
Co. that filed the agreement documents with the SEC (Security and
Exchange Commission) for the merger of RSA and Security Dynamics in
April of 1996. Of course, Robertson, Stephens and Co. were well paid to
sponsor the RSA/SDI merger deal. Robertson and Stephens not only wrote
the merger agreement between RSA and SDI they also underwrote the first
two public offerings of SDI stock.

"Robertson, Stephens & Company has provided certain investment banking
services to Security Dynamics from time to time, including acting as an
underwriter for each of the two public offerings of shares of the common
stock of Security Dynamics. In addition, Robertson, Stephens & Company
maintains a market in shares of the common stock of Security Dynamics.
Furthermore, Robertson, Stephens & Company has acted as financial
advisor to Security Dynamics in connection with the Merger for which a
portion of our fees is due and payable upon delivery of this opinion and
the remaining portion of our fees is due and payable contingent upon the
closing of the Merger."

SEC Merger Document April, 1996 ROBERTSON, STEPHENS & COMPANY LLC Edwin
David Hertz

Jim Bidzos, RSA chairman, stated that Al Gore personally lobbied him to
sell the RSA crypto patents to the US Government. It is reported that Al
failed and Bidzos walked out. Al Gore has never denied nor confirmed Mr.
Bidzos's remarks about his effort on behalf of the US government. Yet,
Jim Bidzos also took a trip to Beijing in late 1995. The result of that
trip was second trip to Beijing in February of 1996 and a deal with the
Academy of Science to sell encryption technology directly to the PRC
government. The Clinton administration, quick to prosecute anyone who
sold encryption outside the US, did nothing to stop the RSA deal with
Al Gore tried to buy the rights to encryption technology from RSA for
the US government. That was an official act performed by the Vice
President. Al Gore has also played a major role in the Clinton
Administration's Crypto policy. He was fully briefed early on about
Clipper and later would lobby hard to push the draconian controls sought
by the government.

Yet, despite the obvious conflict of interest, Al Gore did not hesitate
to solicit donations from the very same company he had just tried to
strong-arm. Al dialed for money from the same company that needed the
administration's approval for export.

In the end... Money was exchanged and services were rendered. China now
has the RSA crypto technology, Al Gore got the donation money and
"Sandy" Robertson stands to become even richer.

1 if by land, 2 if by sea. Paul Revere - encryption 1775

Charles R. Smith
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