Toilet plungers and sodomy: Why we should trust police blindly

Ray Arachelian sunder at
Thu Aug 14 13:00:55 PDT 1997

On Thu, 14 Aug 1997, Mike Duvos wrote:

> Gee, where's Tim McVeigh when you really need him?  I wonder if they
> have daycare centers at police headquarters.  
> Broken eggs, etc...

This is really Guiliani's fault for hiring so many damn cops.  NYC now has
so many cops that if you walk down the street in most neighborhoods for
more than 5 minutes you'll see at least one cop car.  In their rush to
hire cops, they also hired scum as cops.  Who knows how many such
incidents go unreported or are covered up. :(  Damned police state if I
ever saw one.

As for stopping crime, they ain't doing shit.  They're picking on small
things like parking tix and such, but as for going after mobsters and drug
dealers, the piggies are snarfing donuts.  All I've ever see them do is
ticket cars and tow them away.

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