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>This is a 100% hypothetical situation, though would be interesting to see
>if it is possible.

>A company does some R&D work, which it wishes to keep classified from

>However, they have two main offices on opposite sides of the country.

>Not wishing to use sneakernet type file transfer, they wish to pass
>confidential material from one network to the other using the Internet.

>Now we all know that anyone with a little bit of knowledge can intercept
>the packets as they go past and read the information.

>Email is out, as they do use a system of file mirroring, keeping each set
>of data as a backup as well as for usage.

>Would make sense for them to use a type of NFS system, but is there an
>implimentation of secure (ie: encrypted) NFS available?

>OS doesn't really matter, as it is a hypothetical system, but we'll
>assume either some form of unix/linux, or perhaps winNT or novell

>Thanks in advance for the info and knowledge...sorry if it's been asked

Redirect all your socket connections through ssh. That way all your
communications between the two offices will be encrypted.

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