Child Porn and Eternity (Re: "Leotards and the Law...

Tim May tcmay at
Wed Aug 13 19:29:00 PDT 1997

At 8:08 AM -0700 8/13/97, Declan McCullagh wrote:

>        But Conti skirted the more controversial question: What if
>   someone did use Photoshop to synthesize images of half-naked children?

Let me assure you that such images are available. I might be tempted to say
I know exactly where to find them, and may have even taken a look at them
("as part of my campaign to determine the extend of child porn" :-} ), but
in this climate that might get me a couple of SWAT vans roaring up my
hillside...and then I'd have to make some quick decisions about shooting or
going peacably.

Duncan F. can of course opine that the law is powerless, blah blah, but it
doesn't appear that way to me.

Such images (including non-morphed images of real nude children, or even of
children engaging in sex, and so on) are, by the way, good candidates for
Eternity servers. If the Eternity operators freak out and ban such images,
so much for "Eternity." Perhaps they could then be named "Ephemeral"

--Tim May

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