Memme: Crypto=Bullet Proof Vests

sar sar at
Wed Aug 13 17:38:20 PDT 1997

Next time they yell "But if it saves the life of one child" give them
>this.  "But if strong crypto can save the life of one child
>freedomfighter, who are we to limit its use?  Support strong crypto and
>protect the kids of the world!"
>(Preaching to the choire of course, but who knows maybe the crypto=bullet
>proof vest arguement will be useful to someone who can talk sense into the
>crypto clueless cognresscritters.)

encryption protects my children from child molesters. my children
communicate via a secure tunnel so it is impossible for pedophiles to hear
what they are saying or talk to them. they also use digital signatures to
distinguish trusted adults so they will never buy the " your mommy sent me
to pick you up" lines. 

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