Fuck the usenet cabal

William H. Geiger III whgiii at amaranth.com
Wed Aug 13 17:14:46 PDT 1997


In <Pine.SUN.3.96.970813161558.7599O-100000 at beast.brainlink.com>, on
   at 04:20 PM, Ray Arachelian <sunder at brainlink.com> said:

>On Wed, 13 Aug 1997, Dr.Dimitri Vulis KOTM wrote:

>> What if a non-US person paid them $40 to spam people outside the U.S.
>> with strong crypto?
>> Is it possible to stuff a blatant ITAR violation into about 100 lines of ascii?

>Already been done.  RSA in 4 lines of Perl, etc...  Heck there was even a
>site out that that cut a UUENCODED copy of PGP into many bits and asked
>people to grab one of the bits to use as their signature.  I.e. Part 50
>out of N of PGP, etc...  Someone with huge usenet archives (or cd's)
>could search for all of these outside of the USA and put them together
>into the whole. :)  No need to pay someone $40 to spam when people will
>freely do this.

>You could also take a packet radio modem and spam short wave (or whatever
>packet radio uses or can use that can get outside the usa) and send PGP
>that way if you like.  Or take PGP, uuencode it and fax it outside of the
>USA.  Or feed it through a voice synth and read it to a foreign phone
>number that has a voice decoder, or compose it as a MIDI song as Kent
>suggested and broadcast the song...  Or tatoo it on your ass then when
>you visit russia have someone take a picture. :)  (Though you might then
>be arrested in russia for porno or whatever the laws are there,

>Don't even need to use the internet to piss off the feds. :)

Ofcource you can just go to my web site and download PGP. IMNSHO Fuck the
Feds. I for one will not let them violate my First Amendment Rights no
matter how much they say that it is a Good Thing (tm) to do so.

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