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Paul Bradley paul at
Wed Aug 13 10:05:59 PDT 1997

> > drunken rants are one thing, and are easily deleted, but impersonating me
> > is straight out of Detweiler's book. Must be something about Cypherpunks
> > that brings out this urge to impersonate.
> Toto's drunked rants and the most valuable traffic on this mailing list
> these days - I read them and usually save them.  Tim May's censorship
> rants make him sonnd like kent Krispin.

I agree, Toto makes some of the best posts to the list, they are often 
just humurous one-liners but he also makes a lot of excellent 
observations and is very good at predicting the way things will go, as 
far as I`m concerned his posts are up there in quality with those of TCM, 
Adam Back, Dr.V, Bill Stwart, William Geiger and the other regular good 

> How do we know that Tim May didn't post the alleged forgery himself
> and didn't munge the headers to point to Toto?

Not his style (as far as I know it), but I agree there is no evidence to the 

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